- The Washington Times - Friday, March 26, 2010

President Obamahas his hands full as he promulgateshis views of democracy around the globe. His views seem misguided as he concerns himself more with Jewsconstructing homes inJerusalem than with Muslimsconstructing a nuclear bomb in Iran.

Should he not stand up to the Iranian megalomaniac who wants to rule the Middle East and then the worldas that man vows toannihilate the only democracy in the Middle East? The United States could notask for a more reliablefriend than Israel in the cantankerousMiddle Eastern conflagration. It is in America’s owninterest to stop the threat posed byIran as that country’s regime arms terrorists such as Hamas and Hezbollah and threatens a holocaust with its soon-to-benuclear arsenal. Are Mr. Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. advocates of NevilleChamberlain’s appeasements of NaziGermany in 1938?

Mr. Biden condemned Israel, a staunch ally, for planning new housing in East Jerusalem, where Jews have lived for millenniums. The U.S. leadersshould savetheir condemnations for the anti-American terrorists and Iran’s nuclear program.

They should pull their heads out of the sand and face reality before it is too late.



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