- The Washington Times - Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The descendants of Marx, Mao and the entirety of illiberal and tyrannical minds have finally stuck the raw edge of their poisoned sword into the heart of the glorious genie of capitalism and freedom. Long resentful, envious and bewildered by the manifest destiny of this great land, they have struck pay dirt. They could not defeat us on the battlefield, but they have gained mightily from within our system, all in accordance with their playbook. The agent of change is their homegrown, deeply indoctrinated, soulless serpent from the deep, President Obama.

The naked hand of socialism long ago infected and eroded the other member of the Atlantic alliance. Despite the will and courage of free-minded heroes like Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, England has been defrocked from might and today stands controlled by abysmal frauds like Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling. With 50 percent of the gross national product controlled by the state, it is on the verge of surrender.

In America, the game plan is the same. Mr. Obama and the cowards of this Congress are hellbent on destroying all that is good in this nation. Dressed up as the “tooth fairy” of good for those under an imagined stress, Mr. Obama is an artist of his trade. With nary a sense of our core values or embrace of our beliefs save as a target for destruction, he has run a clinic on how to impose the will of tyranny on our land.

One has to admire with disgust his trick of language, his lateral and inventive skill to push our legislative system to achieve his end. This health care plan has nothing to do with helping anyone. It is all about arithmetic and pursuit of the twisted ideology that laces his every move. The math is simple: state control of one sixth of our economy. This, when tied together with his other moves, pushes the nation further down the path of certain mediocrity. A more subversive cost is that, as in the case of Great Britain, it takes the fight out of the people.

Mr. Obama’s tax-and-spend policies are bent on two objectives of permanence: Create a majority dependent on state largesse for their existence and an “in perpetuity” transfer system from a minority to his new majority. It is not a novel idea. Every push to tyranny has started here. The caucuses of freedom are visible from England, Argentina and others.

In his faux concern, Mr. Obama will speak of the distortion of his good, the extremism of the “hard right” and the evil of the naysayers. It is sophistry and a bland lie. The fraud is his, and we no doubt will pay dearly for it in treasure and probably blood. He is intent on taking out the shining house on the hill. He has made a good start, albeit in the name of bad.


Palm Beach, Fla.

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