Friday, May 21, 2010

Support for the climate change measure announced this month by Sen. John Kerry and Sen. Joe Lieberman requires prior acceptance of the “greenhouse effect” and humanity’s responsibility for climate change. Both assumptions are false.

The flawed papers by Michael Mann and Malcolm Hughes - both accepted by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - provide the linchpins and research standards. These papers move from selective interpretation of selected tree-ring, ice-core and coral-reef data to seamlessly incorporate selected instrument measurements from recent centuries. The East Anglia University Climatic Research Unit e-mails reveal concurrent tactics manipulating peer review and repelling requests for basic data, now found to be destroyed. Small wonder such research produces models unable to predict past, present or future temperatures.

One obvious atmospheric property that was ignored would note that carbon dioxide represents less than four air particles in every 10,000. The water vapor in clouds and storms mitigating carbon dioxide effects is 25 times more plentiful in air and 2.5 million times more plentiful in oceans. The natural engines driving mitigation of carbon dioxide are awesome, considering a single hurricane uses enough energy to power Japan for a year. Legitimate research would grasp these orders of magnitude when judging human influence.

In terms of physics and engineering thermodynamics, there is no “greenhouse effect.” The IPCC’s obtuse notions of radiative forcing and radiative equilibrium lack justification within experiments and mathematics of the hard sciences.


Eugene, Ore.

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