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In the accounting profession, there is an adage that says “Figures don’t lie but liars can figure.” Needless to say, Congress must be littered with accountants ( “Survey charts ‘sharp decline’ in illegals,” Page 1, Thursday).

Why in God’s name would I believe the Pew Hispanic Center when it proclaims that Hispanic illegal immigrant entry into the United States has sharply declined and that President Obama’s “security” measures are the reason? I might as well believe that bullfrogs have wings. The Pew Center, like the federal government, has no clue whatsoever how many illegals are in this country, crossed the border yesterday or work for the Pew Center or the White House. I could have the opinion that there are 100 million illegals in the country, and I dare anyone anywhere to prove it wrong. They cannot, so we should stop trying to count the countless.

Bean counters do like charts when trying to promote an agenda. President Felipe Calderon of Mexico probably has the same reverse charts showing how many illegals he is funneling across the border daily, and they’re probably much more accurate than Pew’s.

Pew attempts to show that the downturn in the American economy is forcing illegals to flee. What illegal is going to go back home when the Obama administration is openly sponsoring a welfare state for foreign nationals at the expense of American citizens and our valued legal guests?

The Pew report is just another propaganda tool to give the Obama administration more leftist ammunition.


Gaithersburg, Md.

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