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When was the last time you cursed a Chinese-made light bulb that glowed for a week or two (if at all) instead of five or six years? Sadly, that’s just an example of the vast invasion of inferior Chinese goods for which there are no longer American-made counterparts. Where is our outrage, and who is to blame? The silence on this issue is deafening.

Today, our political leaders and our media can only mock and slander those who seek rediscovery of our Founders’ “first principles.” These provident tenets empowering the individual against inevitable encroachments by the state are roundly decried by the Keynesian- and Marxist-leaning academics and self-serving power addicts camped on Capitol Hill. The vision of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison is simply anathema or even unknown to the political class in Washington and to the sycophantic media.

Meanwhile, shrewd businesses race from our shores to flee globally disproportionate U.S. corporate tax levies and the ever-constricting regulations heaped upon them by a regime bent on the demise of the private sector, a move essential to the establishment of President Obama’s vision of “change.” Mr. Obama and his pack of various “czars” and congressional Democrats are increasingly transparent in their zeal to transform “the Great Experiment” into a third-string socialist nanny state. They have all but drawn and quartered the American economy, and with it our freedoms and our national raison d’etre.

The rotund diva has clearly sung, and America’s betrayers are brazen and unflinching. The only question remaining is whether the American people have heard and understood the meaning of the troubling tune and are driven to act without compromise to save America.


Wilmington, N.C.

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