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Happy Thanksgiving, America! It’s that special time of year when Americans pause to count our many blessings, ponder our faith and reflect upon the awesome sacrifices made by patriots before us to ensure our freedoms.

And this year, we are once again reminded that there is no bigger chump in the world than the innocent taxpayer. We are the turkey. The turkey that is never pardoned — certainly not this year.

We have worked hard, saved our money and paid our bills. Under the threat of prison time and force of the gun, we hand over punishing amounts of taxes to government. In many cases, state and local politicians carefully invest our taxes with the utmost care and respect.

Nothing of the sort can be said of the giant, tax-eating federal government, though. Congress snatches from us our earnings in the most imaginative of ways. They throw it away on political follies that benefit only themselves. They buy us programs we do not want.

Even the money they take “for safekeeping” for our golden years, they have raided and blown through with nothing to show for it.

Now that they have left us beyond broke and hopelessly in debt, they come back to us and say they need more money. They bleat about how we need to pay “our fair share.”

All of their rotten cowardice and reckless scorn for the innocent taxpayer boiled over this week with the superfailure of the so-called “supercommittee” that was given the task of finding cuts that Congress and President Obama are too small and timid to make themselves.

Looking back now, it is clear that this sham “supercommittee” was created in the heat of the fight over raising the debt ceiling only to get lawmakers out of a high-spectacle jam. Fewer people would be paying attention, they schemed, the week before Thanksgiving — similar to the skills of a criminal casing a neighborhood.

This holiday season, taxpayers already suffer a special indignity with this “Occupy” pestilence stinking up all the parks and greens we suckers pay for so the public might enjoy. This property was not intended to be a roach motel for a bunch of smelly, klepto-liberals.

Of course, this town has been no exception. The freeloaders have set up camp at various parks around the city. One place they are not: the greens around the U.S. Capitol.

Word is they planned to set up their fetid tents of debauchery, but when they got there, they discovered the Capitol was already “occupied.” By Congress. And this new crowd was no match for the thieving, debauchery and shamelessness of the current occupiers.

The only difference is that those currently occupying Congress have far more extravagant tastes — since it’s you and me picking up the tab.

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