- Associated Press - Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ST. LOUIS — Nolan Ryan kept tracking the storm, aware the radar showed green blobs moving closer and closer to Rangers Ballpark.

Explaining the threat of rain, Big Tex sounded totally in his element.

“There’s a disturbance out in West Texas,” the Rangers president pointed out before a recent playoff game. “I’m not a meteorologist, but they’re talking about the south-to-north line.”

With Texas and St. Louis starting up the World Series this week, Major League Baseball might take the help.

The forecast for Game 1 Wednesday night at Busch Stadium was daunting: Temperatures dropping through the 40s, a decent chance of rain, a lot of wind.

Play or Ppd? Talk about October pressure - the barometric kind, that is.

After a season that included more than 50 rainouts, MLB’s highest total since 1997, bad weather intruded in the playoffs.

A game at Yankee Stadium was stopped in the second inning and suspended until the following day. A game at Texas was postponed because rain was lingering - too bad for the teams and fans, those showers never came.

Texas starter C.J. Wilson was set to pitch at Busch Stadium for the first time in Game 1.

“Well, Texas and St. Louis have similar summer climates. It’s humid, it’s hot,” he said. “I haven’t really pitched in cold weather too often, but you wear sleeves and put on a jacket in the dugout and that’s pretty much all you can do.”

Chris Carpenter was ready to start the opener for the Cardinals.

“You deal with weather like this in the beginning of the season. It’s no different. Go out and pitch,” he said.



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