- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 23, 2012


Voting for President Obama is no joke. It is the equivalent of riding a toboggan down a snowy hill into a rock — a rock of economic failure, divisiveness and class warfare. Our limbs and our spirit are broken by this president’s icy megalomania. Hope has died and we’ve drowned a frozen pond of Mr. Obama’s mythic promises.

Those who listen to the president’s teleprompter speeches and don’t feel ashamed that this pompous narcissist could represent our country are either foolish or masochistic. A vote for him is a celebration of self-defeat.

One day, the grandchildren of those who voted for him will be ashamed that their progenitors supported the most failed president in America’s history. Voting for Jimmy Carter will seem like a better decision.

How could anyone vote for a man who breaks all his promises?

Mr. Obama promotes huge government so he can preside over it. He gives a good speech but his ideas are a bundle of cliches. He is an ideologue who is stuck in a simplistic Saul Alinsky mentality. He is like a college sophomore dreaming of unattainable fairness while abusing those around him. He doesn’t even recognize that he is knocking his own country down.


New York



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