Friday, March 16, 2012

I have been generally appreciative of Suzanne Fields’ syndicated columns, and the evolution of “Collateral damage from sexual revolution” (Commentary, Thursday) was well-thought-out. However, she digresses into name-calling when it comes to the male sex.

Ms. Fields refers to bishops as “[t]he celibate bishops in their gowns” and uses mischaracterizations such as “Rick Santorum only dreams of the day when contraception will be forbidden.” Where is the columnist whose work I usually look forward to reading?

Most important is the damaging portrayal of “irresponsible dads.” Our neo-feminist, professional women, in conjunction with the secular judicial system, many times have prevented children and fathers from having loving relationships with each other. Just ask our returning military fathers. I recommend readers go to to see the suffering these women have wrought.

Instead of speaking about “domesticating” men as though they were cattle and falsely painting American men as “fleeing fatherhood,” perhaps Ms. Fields could try to be a positive influence in this injustice and support our providers and protectors.



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