- The Washington Times - Monday, November 19, 2012


The recent election has made me re-examine everything I am thankful for this season. For instance, I’m glad I’m not a baker who worked at Hostess Brands Inc., a diplomat who works in this administration or an assembly-line worker at Solyndra LLC.

I’m thankful that I do not live near the U.S.-Mexican border, endangered by assault weapons supplied by our government, and I’m grateful that I don’t work for one of the many companies that will be forced to leave California due to excessive regulation and taxation. I’m thankful that by being self-employed, I can skirt the devastating costs and regulations promised by Obamacare and that I am responsible enough to insure my family. In short, I’m thankful that politicians and unions have not yet been able to destroy me.


La Habra, Calif.



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