- The Washington Times - Friday, October 5, 2012


I’m 65 years old. If he is re-elected, President Obama will soon be able to knock me off with his Independent Payment Advisory Board (“A Trojan horse named IPAB,” Web, Aug. 10). If I need an expensive medical procedure, the IPAB will decide whether I am worth the expense. They are the equivalent of chief financial officers, whose job it is to keep health care costs down. What senior who is still thinking clearly would sign his own death warrant by voting for bureaucrats to decide his fate?

Obamacare is simply unfair. When Obamacare rules that I am not worth keeping alive, will I get a chance to defend myself first? Could I box President Obama three rounds to decide whether I get an essential operation?

What are the suicidal seniors in Florida doing backing this president of medical assassination? Has senility paved the highway to government-assisted suicide? I thought with age came wisdom. Are we all fools? How could we vote for our own deaths?


New York



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