- The Washington Times - Saturday, September 15, 2012


It took 217 years for the national debt (first calculated in 1791) to reach $10 trillion. President Obama has added $6 trillion in just 31/2 years.

Comprehending $6 trillion is daunting. However, if Mr. Obama’s $6 trillion is represented in dollar bills placed end to end, the dollar bills would span 568,181,818 miles. They would encircle the Earth at the equator 22,727 times. They would reach from the Earth to the moon 2,387 times, and they would go from Earth to the sun more than six times. They would cover the 2,582 miles between New York City and San Francisco 220,054 times.

Even more awesome is the total national debt of $16 trillion, which is not entirely the responsibility of President Obama. The trail of those bills would reach 1,502,370,000 miles. This is in the realm of interplanetary distances. But surely Mr. Obama is unaware of this or he would not be racking up more debt with such disregard.


Potomac Falls, Va.



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