- Associated Press - Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TIMONIUM, Md. (AP) – A Maryland seafood company says it has broken its own record for the world’s largest crabcake.

The 300-pound crabcake was served at the Maryland State Fair on Saturday by Handy International.

Guinness World Records says the company holds the record for a 253-pound crabcake cooked in 2009 at the Honfest in Baltimore. That crabcake benefited the Special Olympics. Sandwiches from the crabcake cooked at the state fair were sold to benefit the Maryland 4-H Foundation. Guinness says the attempt has not been formally recognized yet.

The crabcake used about 200 pounds of crab meat along with eggs, breading and seasoning. That’s nearly 1,600 crabs, considering the average crab contains just over two ounces of meat.



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