Monday, April 1, 2013

Democrats love to squawk about Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court ruling that allows corporations to donate to political campaigns. They don’t have a problem with 92 percent of the $75,000,000 unions gave to Democrats in 2008; nor do they admit that 55 percent of the $2 billion in PAC monies went to Democrats.

In the last election, President Obama received $27 million from lawyers and lobbyists, $1.2 million from the University of California, $815,000 from Microsoft, $805,000 from Google, $660,000 from Harvard University, $512,000 from Stanford University, $344,000 from the State Department and $320,000 from the Justice Department. The list goes on.Challenger Mitt Romney’s biggest supporters were banks and corporate America. The Bank of America and Goldman Sachs gave a little more than $1 million.If the Democrats get their way and overturn Citizens United, they can then work on a bill that would deny Republicans any campaign donations. Don’t laugh; they may try it.


Charlotte, N.C.

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