- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Greek island of Skorpios where Aristotle Onassis married Jackie Kennedy has reportedly been sold by his sole surviving heir for £100 million ($153.1 million) to a Russian billionaire, the London Telegraph reports.

The island was originally bought by Mr. Onassis in 1962 for just 3.5 million drachmas, the equivalent of about $15,305, the Telegraph reports. A few years later it hosted his wedding to Jacqueline Kennedy.

After Mr. Onassis’ death, Skorpios passed to his daughter Christina, who died of a heart attack in 1988, and then to Athina, the Telegraph reports.

Law firms in Athens and Geneva are currently drawing up contracts for the sale of the island, according to the Greek press.

The identity of the Russian businessman has not been disclosed, the Telegraph reports.



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