- - Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Organizing for Action, President Obama’s campaign machine declared Tuesday “climate change day,” encouraging everyone to pepper skeptical members of Congress at town-hall meetings with questions about why they won’t raise taxes to avert the doom of the planet.

Even the most agile of senators won’t be able to dodge these community organizers, because the League of Conservation Voters will spend $2 million filling the airwaves with an attack on any congressman who won’t get with the program.

The doomed planet movement has been losing momentum. Inconvenient scientific findings have confirmed the lack of any significant warming of dear old Earth over the past 16 years. It’s hard to scare people into action when nothing bad is happening. That’s why the White House has changed its vocabulary again — first “global warming” was changed to “climate change” — and now the correct name of the scam is “carbon pollution.” It’s a way to paint carbon dioxide as if it were black soot billowing out of industrial smokestacks. Carbon dioxide is actually what humans exhale, and it’s food for plants.

Federal employees who dare note the inconsistency of the global warming fairy tale are shunned. Five months into her job as head of the Department of Interior, Secretary Sally Jewell sent a clear message to her 70,000 employees. She doesn’t want to hear any dissent, the First Amendment be damned. “I hope there are no climate change deniers in the Department of Interior,” she warned a gathering of employees.

Internal emails obtained by the Competitive Enterprise Institute show the Environmental Protection Agency has also been silencing anyone who suggests that the large, fiery orb in the sky, known as the sun, has more to do with warming the planet than an innocent chap walking behind a gasoline-powered lawn mower. Three years ago, an EPA staff researcher drafted a 98-page report raising questions whether carbon dioxide ought to be regulated. Top officials ordered the study thrown in the trash. “The administrator and the administration has decided to move forward on endangerment,” a top EPA official said to the report’s author, “and your comments do not help the legal or policy case for this decision.” (That is, don’t confuse me with the facts.)

Anticipating the administration’s instinct to go it alone and use the regulatory process to enact an agenda it can’t get through Congress, the House voted 237 to 176 to require congressional approval of a tax on carbon-dioxide emissions.

Global warming is a fantasy dreamed up by the left in the hope that it could frighten Americans into embracing a big-government agenda they would otherwise reject. The planet is not getting warmer; the planet is actually cooling. This is called “the natural order of the universe” and man — not even Al Gore — can do anything to change it. The climate change hysteria has set off a war on coal, oil and other reliable sources of affordable energy, with the result of continued unemployment and a stagnant economy. The public shows signs that it is fed up with fables.

The climate that President Obama should be looking out for is the business climate. His “climate action days” should be about cutting taxes, snipping red tape and getting Americans back to work — and in full-time jobs.

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