- The Washington Times - Friday, August 2, 2013

Falling under the category of “who knew,” now iconic Playboy posers Shane and Sia Barbi — the Barbi twins — say they’ve made peace with their 1990s era nude photo shoots and are moving more into politics, describing their beliefs as aligned with much that is conservative.

They also say gun rights are necessary in order to protect Americans from the government.

Shane says she leans conservative. Shi says she’s center-left, The Blaze reported. But both say it’s a moral imperative to perform charitable works, and Shane — the more outspoken in The Blaze report — claims to be pro-gun as well as pro-life.

“I love to care, nurture, protect the fetus or any living creature,” she said. “Being an animal activist to me is pretty consistent in my life to being pro-life.”

She’s also coined a phrase to describe her dual support for vegetarianism and the Second Amendment — “veGUN,” she said.

“My sister and I call ourselves ‘the Green Tea Party,’ which includes the freedom to be who we are,” Shane said, in The Blaze. “I, too, am pro-life for all life and believe in the Second Amendment — not so much to hunt, but for us to not be hunted by the government.”

Both are Bible believers, with a love for Jesus Christ, they said.

“I believe Christ has saved me because Christ is unconditional love,” Sia said, in The Blaze.

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