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Everybody seems to want to have some sort of “conversation” or “debate,” which is progressive-speak for “sit down, shut up and do as I say.” How about this for a conversation: What kind of nation have we become in the past 25 years?

Here’s where we sit: The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources kills a defenseless baby deer. Popular music calls for the murder of police officers and abuse of women. The same congressional staffs that wrote the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), who make in the neighborhood of $100,000 annually, are going to get a 75 percent subsidy from the taxpayers because they say they can’t afford it. There are self-proclaimed race-agent provocateurs who create hatred between the races and then feed on that hate, growing fatter and fatter every day. We have a president who has allowed the killing of four good Americans by not ordering their evacuation from Benghazi, Libya. This same president has looked the other way as bloated government agencies have stripped the rights from all of us with focused intention.

The news media no longer serve the public trust or interest, and they have become little more than outlets of political propaganda for Americans whose votes are bought with mobile phones and tax dollars. The public cannot consider itself to be safe from law enforcement any longer.

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In Florida, the building of a new nuclear-power plant has been canceled, but the residents of the county are still going to be forced to pay the bill for the $250 million facility that will never be built. Most Americans are now too scared that voicing an opinion will earn them an IRS audit or a visit from Homeland Security, the Secret Service or some other goon squad.

We are buying our own Treasury bonds with money being printed on worthless paper to give the illusion that the economy is doing well, when that is a lie as well. We have the city of Detroit in bankruptcy, with others to follow.

I’m going to stick around and take my country back, but in the meantime, it will be like living in a vermin-riddled Sodom and Gomorrah. Some conversation, eh?


Gainesville, Fla.

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