- - Monday, December 2, 2013


Defending and debating the virtues of liberty and freedom in a world of entitlements, welfare and redistribution of wealth is an exercise in futility. Either knowingly or unwittingly, many Americans have accepted and even voted for laws that abrogate constitutional individual rights and freedom of choice and expropriate private wealth in the name of “fairness.”

Admonitions such as “Be the best that you can be” or “The sky’s the limit” no longer apply because incomes are capped and too much affluence and prosperity is punished. By penalizing the most productive among us, we nurture mediocrity. It has become necessary to suppress my inclination to live as I choose because I am compelled to abide by the wisdom and beneficence of the government — or else be fined, taxed or arrested. The new paradigm is, to each according to his needs and from each according to his ability. There is little doubt the ruling elite is victorious and has the upper hand. I just hope the promised utopia arrives before we run out of my and other people’s money.

As more and more liberals, socialists and progressives are elected, it is inevitable that their utopian vision will prevail. The ash heap of history is replete with examples of utopian visions reduced to rubble, yet we choose to ignore those lessons. In spite of the grim historical facts, the new elitists persist in their arrogance, restricting our individual rights and the freedoms that threaten their vision of the “greater good.”

Will we forfeit our individual rights and our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the promise of abundance in a new world order that will control where and how we live, what we eat and drink, what we wear, what kind of cars we drive and which doctor we may visit? Will we at last be free from freedom?

Flushing, N.Y.



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