- The Washington Times - Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pope Francis is generally known as the religious head of the Catholic Church, keeper of the Vatican key. But even he has a past. He was a bar bouncer.

The 76-year-old used to serve as a doorman who kept out the undesirables from a Buenos Aires bar, at a time when he was student, The Daily Mail reported.

That’s quite a different image from the one he’s shown the public in recent weeks — embracing and blessing the head of a horribly disfigured man, wrapping an arm about a bold child who jumped his stage to wander about his robes, mingling and walking with the poorest of the poor in villages he visits.

But he’s got a different side — and it’s a tango-loving side, too. The Gazetta Del Sud reported that prior to his don of priestly robes, the pontiff had a girlfriend he loved to tango with on the dance floor.

Other pre-pope past-times: He was a literature and psychology teacher, Catholic News reported.

The pope’s been making waves around the world with his stated dedication to helping the poor. In one show of commitment to turn from worldly ways and lead believers to do the same, the pope gave up the office’s traditional scarlet slippers and gold cross pendant, choosing instead to wear a plain iron cross and well-worn black shoes, leftovers from his Buenos Aires days.

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