- The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The United States should be prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons against Iran if war becomes inevitable, Rep. Duncan Hunter believes, but he “sure as hell” hopes it doesn’t happen.

Mr. Hunter, a California Republican who is a member of the House Armed Services Committee, made the suggestion during a C-SPAN interview on Wednesday, the Air Force Times reported.

American military action against Iran would take the form of a “massive aerial bombing campaign” that involved no “boots on the ground,” he said.

Mr. Hunter also criticized the Obama administration’s recent nuclear deal with Iran, which it secured with other nations on the U.N. Security Council plus Germany, the Air Force Times reported. “Iran has to do nothing,” Mr. Hunter said. The lawmaker added that President Obama is left with having to “pray Iran will act differently” than it has “for the last 40 years.”

“It is part of the Middle East culture” to “do anything you can … to get the best deal,” Mr. Hunter said in regards to the political culture and leadership of the region.

He then reacted to a caller’s pleas to “give peace a chance” by saying that Iran was not an honest negotiator, according to the Air Force Times.



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