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The Oscar-winning tale “Argo” contains a movie within the movie. Comparisons to Shakespeare’s Hamlet — or anything worth remembering, for that matter — certainly end there.

So, it was altogether fitting that first lady Michelle Obama horned her way into the insufferable ceremony to award the night’s most coveted honor to the hostage thriller.

After all, she knows something about hostage-takers and their diabolical demands. She sleeps with the most daring and nihilistic of them all.

Washington breathlessly watches the dramatic countdown to the coming “sequester” cuts. For many around here, the apocalypse is upon us.

This meat-cleaver approach to budget-cutting came about as a result of Democrats and Republicans working in unison for decades to bloat the federal government, steal from future generations and generally refuse to address the immoral concept of bankrupting the country with pork, theft and golden promises to gullible voters.

Now that Republicans barely control even their own party, they say they are serious about cutting spending and bringing some sanity to the federal government. President Obama and his Democrats refuse to agree to the basic, desperately-required spending cuts.

The result is “sequestration,” which amounts to across-the-board cuts to the infernal federal government of ten percent or less. In other words, smaller cuts than what most families across the country have been slashing from their own budgets every year now for several years.

The most hair-raising part of all of this has been to watch President Obama react to the notion of cuts to his beloved federal government. He writhes and curdles like slug who’s had salt poured on him.

The terrorists will overtake us! No longer will the federal government be able to continue its fantastic job of guarding the border! The homeless will starve!

These are, seriously, some of the threats Mr. Obama and his administration have made against the American people if these cuts go through.

Then he began shooting hostages.

Homeland Security yesterday announced that they had already begun releasing hundreds of illegal aliens held in prisons around the country awaiting deportation.

This probably should not have come as a major surprise, since it is very much the strategy preferred by Mr. Obama when he does not get his way.

Last year when Republicans fought against raising the debt ceiling so that Mr. Obama could continue on his drunken stupor towards doubling our national debt, Mr. Obama threatened to start shooting seniors. He not-so-subtly threatened that he simply would not pay out Social Security checks to elderly if he did not get his way. Then he went after veterans and threatened to hold up their checks as well.

Terroristic tactics being fairly effective, Mr. Obama got his way.

In the fictional hostage tale “Argo,” the players have a running gag over what the name “Argo” means. “Ar, go [screw] yourself,” the fictional film-within-the-film’s producer explains. It would also be a fitting explanation Mr. Obama could give to the American people for his diabolical tactics in this very real hostage crisis today.

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