- The Washington Times - Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Troops at risk numbering 200,000; 800,000 Defense Department furloughs; hours waiting in line at airports, uninspected meat, women and children not receiving aid; 700,000 children left out of Head Start — the list of unmitigated political horrors goes on and on. Even as our intrepid president and his band of fiscal incompetents continue their sky-is-falling histrionics on the impending Obama sequestration, reality tells a very different story.

The $85 billion in cuts scheduled to kick in Friday actually will total $44 billion and amount to simply a lowering of the increase in 2013 spending. Despite the lamentations of Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta and the military’s senior leadership concerning defense cuts, there’s fat to be cut that doesn’t involve troops, furloughs or overall military readiness. Items that immediately come to mind are Mr. Panetta’s nearly $70 million Chevy Volt fraud and his weekly private junkets home to California on the taxpayers’ dime. Notwithstanding the handwringing on both sides of the political aisle over $44 billion, didn’t Congress and President Obama recently pass a pork-laden $51 billion aid package for Superstorm Sandy repair? This administration seems to have money to fritter away on Sandy, yet somehow it is now apoplectic over an amount equal to what it normally blows through in five days.

Other than the media and the vast swaths of willfully ignorant Obama mendicants, who is the president fooling? The dire problems with troop strengths, furloughs, children being left out in the cold, first responders not responding, people having to eat rotten meat and the sun not rising another day all somehow hinge on $44 billion? This reminds me of the doleful actress in a charity television commercial when she says my 50 cents a day is all it takes to feed, educate, medicate and clothe a child in a Third World village. Sadly, on fiscal matters, the president is even less believable than she.


Stafford, Va.



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