- The Washington Times - Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I applaud Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his group for presenting President Obama with a gun-control package that includes mental health and background checks, advanced gun registration, tracking and documentation (“Gun owners under assault,” Web, Friday). These are not manufactured products or new job producers, of course, but electronic licensure processes.

My great-grandfathers, grandfathers, father, uncles, cousins and I have all been or currently are experienced marksmen and gentlemen hunters. We’re the type of Americans who would protect schoolchildren with our own lives. None of our families play video games or consume “happy pills.” Every man and woman in our family supporting the National Rifle Association would be happy to register every legal firearm that we buy, sell, have customized or transport in perpetuity with any secure database. I believe most mentally sound people wish to follow the laws and do the right thing in our community and for our country.

The American people do not deserve, however, the Biden group failing to assail the U.S. video game, pharmaceutical, Hollywood and illegal-gun markets — the true genesis of American mass-violence fantasies.

Mr. Biden et al. are utterly failing to control America’s drug- and illegal-gun-infested borders and the criminal element who are the least law-abiding. Just because the media market for filth, violence and psychological medication has finally reached a tipping point in America does not mean the NRA should bear blame.

Mr. Biden is a good man with considerable Washington experience. I hope he helps Mr. Obama find realistic solutions. America doesn’t need to have more fantasies signed into law.


Charleston, S.C.

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