- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 24, 2013


“For now, Obama sidesteps Detroit bankruptcy” (Web, July 21) describes behavior that has become typical of someone known to try to escape the problems in Washington by hitting the road with another attempt at conning the masses.

I am somewhat alarmed at the audacity of President Obama’s statement concerning the trumping up of “phony scandals.” Either he is out of touch with reality, or he sincerely thinks the scandals concerning Benghazi, The Associated Press, the Internal Revenue Service and the Fast and Furious operation are to be neatly tucked away for another administration to address. Mr. Obama needs to face responsibility instead of asking everyone else to do so. Instead, though, he hopes he can tread water long enough to let all his problems disappear — and that’s what he will do in 2017 if God is gracious.

Not only does this “campaign trail” lead nowhere, it shifts the focus from where it should be to a place it will never be, and that is to a revitalized economy on the watch of Mr. Obama.

It is too bad that the average citizen is unable to speak his mind to the president. Instead, Mr. Obama is surrounded by those told what to say and when to say it while the cameras are rolling. How typical of someone lost without a script.


Troy, Tenn.



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