- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I was born in Washington and raised in Prince George’s County. This is my home. My wife and I reared and graduated five daughters in the Prince George’s County school system and graduated two daughters from the University of Maryland system. Until her disability, my wife worked 20 years for Prince George’s County Public Schools. After 25 years of working for the University of Maryland University College, I am retiring. Having carefully considered our resources and options, we are now forced to flee the Free State for a state where the taxes are half of what they are here and freedom isn’t just a state motto.

By petition, referendum, public forum and vote we have actively participated in the political process only to witness the breathtaking collapse of Maryland’s two-party system. We have seen the inevitable arrogance, corruption and mismanagement that openly flows at all levels of government with a one-party rule. Our breaking point was reached with the decisions made on the 2012 referenda and the outlandish performance of Gov. Martin O’Malley and the General Assembly in the 2013 session. Capped by the “rain tax” and now Mr. O’Malley’s environmental initiative, the $3.1 billion suction of private-sector money has made Maryland a national laughingstock.

With business making a continual exit stage left, the writing is on the wall. The feckless, irresponsible behavior of a General Assembly that has earned the title of “the Asylum” and the specter of Mr. O’Malley using the second half of the year to concentrate “the time, the thought, the brain power necessary to give the serious consideration and preparation to what — if anything — I might have to offer should I decide to run for president in 2016,” do not bode well for serious state improvement.

My wife and I are out of time and Maryland options.


College Park



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