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Conspiracy theorists and eyewitnesses who insist that 1996 TWA Flight 800 was shot down have found a friend in a filmmaker, who’s made a documentary including radar data that counters the government’s official finding.

The National Transportation Safety Board ruled the plane’s explosion was due to an electrical short circuit in the fuel gauge line.

That short led to a detonation in the fuel tank, and the ensuing explosion sent the B-747 tumbling from the sky in pieces, into the water off Long Island.

Eyewitnesses have long claimed they saw ordnance explode right outside the plane — perhaps at the hands of a terrorist or criminal — and that’s what sent the craft tumbling.

And now a new film might shed light on who’s right, CNN reported.

Co-producer Tom Stalcup told CNN that the film provides “solid proof that there was an external detonation.

“Of course, everyone knows about the eyewitness statements, but we also have corroborating information from the radar data, and the radar data shows an asymmetric explosion coming out of that plane — something that didn’t happen in the official theory.
“Not one single eyewitness was allowed to testify — that’s unheard of,” he said.
The documentary, “TWA Flight 800,” is due for release on July 17, the 17th anniversary of the crash.

Mr. Stalcup, who is co-founder of the Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization, said his hope was to pressure the NTSB to reopen its investigation.

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