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Is history repeating itself?

It was extremely disappointing to read that Germany, under pressure from the left-wing anti-Zionist Green Party, will join the 13 other European Union members in labeling merchandise made in Jewish-owned factories in Israel as being “made by Jews” (Commentary, “A label for the Jews, again,” June 20). It does bring back images of Kristallnact, “the night of broken glass,” when Nazis destroyed Jewish stores and plastered the word “Jude” on storefronts so people would not buy from Jews.

I’m sorry to say similar happenings are taking place right here in our own country. I was disgusted to learn in 2010 that Costco, under pressure from pro-Palestinian groups, removed Israeli-made Ahava products from their shelves and discontinued selling them. Other American stores have been boycotted and harassed for selling the Ahava Dead Sea products. Their intention is to hurt Israel in the pocketbook. This is blatant anti-Semitism.

Israel is a small, beautiful and flourishing country the size of New Jersey. I had the pleasure of visiting there in 2006. It depends on exports and tourism to bolster its economy. Israel employs tens of thousands of Palestinians and pays them 88 percent more than they would be paid in their own Palestinian-controlled areas. Israel offers work to Palestinians who in their own areas do not have the right to work.

Why is Israel being singled out again? They do not deserve this. If we do not learn lessons from the past, we are bound to repeat them in the future.


Berwyn Heights

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