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In his classic book “Sexual Suicide,” the great American intellectual George Guilder wrote that when a society plays with the essence of what we are as male and female, we play with fire and will be burned. This week the Massachusetts State Department of Education stoked the fire well with its pages of new regulations honoring the civilization-eroding idea that children may declare that they are male, female, other or no gender (“Mass. moves on ‘unisex’ restrooms for transgender students,” Web, Feb. 21).

Our children in Massachusetts are being told by the left that an elementary-school-age boy can essentially state that he “feels” that he is a girl — and by doing so, be granted vast rights by the state. He has the right to dress as a girl, change his name to a girl’s name while at school, use the girls’ bathroom and locker room and on top of this foolishness, the school is banned from alerting his parents. The state becomes the parent. It is part of the statist dogma of the left.

At its core, leftism is the most robust religion in the Western world today, replete with dogma, ritual and powerful ideology. One key idea of leftism is that traditional distinctions of Western civilization are wrong and need to be destroyed. National distinctions need to be replaced by the United Nations, and we are to be citizens of the world. Religious distinction must be replaced with the quasi-religions of secularism, feminism, environmentalism and statism. Moral distinctions are wrong. Distinction between man and animal is passe.

Among the many and most important leftist attacks on distinction is the war on male-female difference. The dogma is that there is no essential difference between man and woman. Clear sexual distinction is merely a social construct that must be fought. In fact, Harvard University just hired a dean of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activity who declines to identify as a male or female.

When the left is finished deconstructing thousands of years of civilization, what are we left with? A human being with no distinction, no country, no religion, no moral absolutes and now no identity as man or woman, boy or girl, father or mother. We are left as sexless living beings in a Godless, uncaring universe. It is profoundly destructive.


Chevy Chase

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