- The Washington Times - Monday, March 25, 2013

An administrator in Alameda County, Calif., which includes Berkeley and Oakland, has been rewarded with more than $400,000 a year for the rest of her life.

According to county pay records obtained by the San Francisco Gate, County Administrator Susan Muranishi earns quite a bit of perks in addition to her $301,000 base salary.

They found that Miss Muranishi receives more than $24,000 in “equity pay” to guarantee that she makes at least 10 percent more than anyone else in the county.

She also gets about $54,000 a year in “longevity” pay for serving more than 30 years with the county. She receives a yearly performance bonus of $24,000, another $9,000 for serving on the county’s three-member Surplus Property Authority and an $8,292 annual car allowance.

According to the county auditor’s office, Miss Muranishi’s annual pension will be equal to the dollar total of her entire yearly package — $413,000, in addition to a separate executive private plan, bringing in an additional $46,500 a year.



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