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With $6 trillion down the drain, you might think that wild, drunken spending of other people’s money that we do not have is President Obama’s single greatest talent. Turns out there is something else he is even better at.

That would be the hysterical, doom-and-gloom fear mongering we have witnessed these past few weeks over comparatively small cuts to the federal government.

Mr. Obama’s terroristic threats have been amply noted everywhere. Planes will fall from the skies, starvation in the streets, teachers will be sent home.

What is truly astonishing here is not all of the reckless and dire predictions he has made. Nor is it that already many of his predictions have proved to be demonstrably false. And nor is it even that he has so clearly orchestrated a widespread and deceitful campaign to punish Americans with real pain over the cuts to the federal government their lawmakers have allowed to happen.

What is truly astonishing and breathtaking here is that all of this doom and gloom Mr. Obama has predicted is precisely what he wants for this country.

Impossible, you say. No way that someone who seems as hopeful and likable as Barack Obama could wish such misery on this country. But that is the only explanation for the president’s response to last week’s Republican bill to give him broad authority to restructure the cuts in a way to minimize the pain and disruption.

Someone truly concerned about the impact of the “draconian” cuts to the monstrous federal government would have leaped for such authority and found ways to spare as many people as possible.

What did Mr. Obama do? He announced his opposition to the bill and maniacally threatened to veto it if it came across his desk.

That’s right, you, the American voter, have become Mr. Obama’s voodoo doll, and he is jabbing you all over with sharp pins and placing demonic hexes on you right now as you read this. This is gonna hurt and you are going to feel it!

He wants you to feel writhing pain and he wants you to associate that pain with the leaner government espoused by his political opponents — as well as the majority of American voters.

In four short years, Obama has gone from hopeful orator promising a bright new future to economic terrorist, a spending jihadist. He is willing to wreck the economy and inflict dire pain on you all because he is gambling that by trimming the federal government, you will feel pain. And if you feel that pain, you will blame Republicans.

So much for the new kind of politics he promised us.

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