- The Washington Times - Friday, March 8, 2013

A British-based church of atheists, The Sunday Assembly, is set to take its word — absent of any mention of God — to a global audience.

The so-called church, conceived by comedians Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones, was created three months ago to give atheists a place to gather, Agence France-Presse reports. The basic thrust of The Sunday Assembly put forth in its guiding principles is to teach attendees to “help often, live better and wonder more,” AFP reports.

Right now, assemblies are held at a former church in northern London and include music, speeches and discussion of moral issues — all mixed with humor, AFP says. So far, attendees — comically referred to as “worshippers,” AFP says — have come in droves and stretched the facility’s population limits.

Meanwhile, atheists around the world are calling for similar upstarts in their own communities. So far, more than 200 have contacted The Sunday Assembly for guidance and direction to start their own godless church, AFP says.

“There’s so much about Church that has nothing to do with God — it’s about meeting people, it’s about thinking about improving your life,” said Mr. Jones, in the AFP report.



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