- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 10, 2013

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Thursday against lifting international economic sanctions against Iran, saying the rogue nation will take that cracked door and push it wide open on developing a nuclear weapon.

“When a murderous regime engages in soft diplomacy and uses calming words of peace, but nevertheless continues to acquire immense power — it must be stopped, immediately,” he said, The Times of Israel reported.

He made the comments to numerous European media outlets.

“This is the central lesson of the 20th century,” he said. “It’s also the central lesson of North Korea. If [Iran] is not stopped immediately, there won’t be just two bombs pointed toward you, but 200. Stop it now while you’re in a strong position to do.”

Mr. Netanyahu warned the Europeans they better “be strict, be strong, be consistent” on the messages they send Iran — or else the regime will take full advantage and rush toward nuclear development.

“The Iranian regime has vast ambitions and limitless aggression,” he said in The Times of Israel. “It is an active player in the mass murder in Syria. It enables [the civil war] to happen through its support of [Syrian President Bashar] Assad. It conducts terror acts across five continents, in 25 cities over the last three years. It violates every decision of the Security Council related to ending enrichment.”

Mr. Netanyahu said Iran’s recent proposal to cut back on uranium enrichment is little more than a quasi-concession. Tehran’s intent is to get the world off its back and relax economic sanctions while quietly moving ahead with nuclear weaponry development, Mr. Netanyahu said.

“If the sanctions are eased,” he said, the remaining mandates “will collapse. [Iran] will get everything they want, and we, as a collective, will get nothing. … Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.”




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