- The Washington Times - Friday, October 4, 2013

A pregnant Chinese mother of one was unceremoniously yanked from her bed in the middle of the night, dragged to a medical facility and forced to abort her unborn child, just three months shy of her projected delivery date.

The woman, Liu Xinwen, 33, and her husband, Zhou Guoquiang, who already have a son, said in The Daily Mail that they were awoken about 4 a.m. by banging on their front door. About two dozen members of the Shandong Province Family Planning Commission stormed their house and dragged Ms. Xinwen outside. The Family Planning Commission is the entity in charge of enforcing China’s strict one-child policy, in place in the nation since 1979.

Mr. Zhou said to Sky News that he was forcibly detained on the sofa inside the house. He later learned — five hours later — that his wife had been taken to the hospital.

He arrived at the facility just a few minutes after Ms. Xinwen had been injected with an abortion drug, The Daily Mail reported.

“My wife was lying in bed,” he said, Sky News reported. “I asked her, ‘Have you been injected?’ She said ‘yes.’ I asked if the baby was still moving.’ She said ‘not much.’ After that, I didn’t want my wife to see my crying. I went outside.”

The baby did die in the womb, and was expelled a day later — and hospital staffers caught on camera reportedly tossed the fetus in an orange bucket next to Ms. Xinwen’s bed. That’s when the couple learned they were going to a have a boy, a brother to their other son, age 10, The Daily Mail said.



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