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She took aim, and fired. Washington Times senior opinion editor Emily Miller’s very personal take on Second Amendment rights and politics is right on target, and has resonated with the public.

Her book “Emily Gets her Gun … But Obama Wants to Take Yours” has landed in this week’s top 10 lists at Amazon.com in the categories of civil rights and liberties, sports, and public affairs and policy.

More than 100 friends, peers, admirers, journalists and firearms-industry heavyweights gathered Thursday to fete the author and her book at an event staged just a few blocks from the White House.

They sampled the specialty cocktail of the evening — “Emily Miller’s Truth Serum Martini,” a brilliant pink concoction of watermelon and vodka that matches the signature color of the dress the author wears on the cover of her book.

Guests also lingered over smoked salmon, shrimp upon grits, quesadillas, cheeseburger sliders and miniature cupcakes in three autumnal flavors. There was a swag bag containing a Washington Times-inspired hunting cap and cellphone desk stand, among other things.

Miss Miller posed for photos and signed autographs. And no wonder. There has been a celebrity factor at work.

PHOTOS: Emily Miller defends the Second Amendment

The book has drawn praise from, among others, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, billionaire Donald Trump, rock legend Ted Nugent and author Brad Thor in recent days. All laud Miss Miller’s meticulous and straightforward account of her attempt to obtain a legally registered gun in the nation’s capital to protect herself, this after being the victim of a home invasion.

“Emily Miller’s reporting shows how stricter gun control laws would make it nearly impossible for law-abiding citizens to get guns, while doing nothing to stop criminals from arming themselves,” Mr. Trump said.

Talk radio host Tom Marr called Miss Miller “the patron saint of the Second Amendment.”

Broadcasters are also intrigued. Since the book was published Sept. 3, Miss Miller has appeared on CNN, Fox News and the Fox Business Network, most recently sparring with CNN’s pro-gun-control prime-time host Piers Morgan.

The author also has learned about sentiment in the heartland.

“While my book reveals a lot about policy, it also provides an accurate portrait of American gun owners and their families, and the long history they bring with them,” Miss Miller said.

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Indeed, the inside cover of her book showcases nearly 600 miniature portraits of gun owners — and their guns — from men wearing camouflage to family groups and women on the target range.

“‘Emily Gets Her Gun’ is a stunning indictment of the rampant bias against guns in government and culture,” said Marjory Ross, president and publisher of Regnery Publishing.

“As soon as the Second Amendment is gutted by anti-gun extremists, every other fundamental right is a potential next target. Emily Miller knows better than anyone that if you care about freedom, you need to care about guns,” she added.

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