- - Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I woke up last Saturday morning to a replay of Anderson Cooper discussing Prince William’s efforts to save wildlife in Africa. As a descendant of that land, I felt so offended. It was as though I were watching a general who started a war trying to play the hero for ending that war.

The exploitation of Africa by European countries (including England) has led to the massive loss of the continent’s wildlife. Animals being killed for their parts include elephants and rhinos for their tusks, big cats for their furs and crocodiles for their skins. All this to feed a gluttonous lifestyle, where fashion trends are more highly regarded than the sanctity of life on the African continent.

The natives to the land were coerced and encouraged to continue the slaughter as means to make more money. Now the monarchy that allowed this practice wants to be viewed as the hero, too? That is highly offensive. The British monarchy may be viewed as many things in the eyes of this and many other descendants of that great continent, but a hero is definitely not one of them.


Pennsauken, N.J.



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