- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An opinion piece published by CNN on Tuesday suggests that “right-wing extremists” have killed more Americans than jihadists since 9/11.

The piece, titled “U.S. right wing extremists more deadly than jihadists,” claims that right-wing extremists affiliated with white supremacy, anti-abortion and anti-government sentiments, “have killed more people in the United States than have extremists motivated by al Qaeda’s ideology.”

CNN’s national security analyst Peter Bergen and the New America Foundation’s David Sterman, who co-wrote the article, say that right-wing extremists have killed 34 people in the United States for political reasons since 9/11, in contrast to the 21 people killed by terrorists motivated by al Qaeda’s ideology.

Left-wing militants, such as environmental extremists, have never been linked to a lethal attack since 9/11, the op-ed claims.

“Despite this history of deadly violence by individuals motivated by political ideologies other than al Qaeda, it is jihadist violence that continues to dominate the news and the attention of policy makers,” they write.

The op-ed concludes: “Today in the United States, al Qaeda-type terrorism is the province of individuals with no real connection to foreign terrorists, aside from reading their propaganda online. Given this, it becomes harder to explain, in terms of American national security, why violence by homegrown right wing extremists receives substantially less attention than does violence by homegrown jihadist militants.”

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