- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vice President Joseph R. Biden just can’t avoid the comedic spotlight, it seems

His jump into Instagram — while remarkable in that within a few short hours, he already hit at 16,000 followers — nonetheless brought out the critics who mocked that his first photo share seemed a blunt advertisement for a sunglasses company.

In it, Mr. Biden is shown as an out-of-focus background to the in-focus, in-your-face pair of Ray-Ban aviator-style sunglasses placed at a strategic tilt on his desk.

The sunglasses are front and center.

Mr. Biden is the hazy afterthought, seated in the background, reading some papers.

As the New York Post pointed: “Many joked it looked like an ad for the sunglass maker.”

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Mr. Biden joined the Instagram bandwagon on Wednesday afternoon.

He debuted with the photo of the sunglasses and the accompanying text: “Follow @VP for the latest from the Vice President, and the occasional aviators pic.”

Within five hours, he had 16,000 followers, the New York Post found.



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