- - Wednesday, April 2, 2014

So the president made some statements about Obamacare on April Fool’s Day. Man, that guy is pretty funny when he wants to be.

[PRESIDENT OBAMA: This law is doing what it’s supposed to do. It’s working, it’s helping people from coast to coast. All of which makes the lengths to which critics have gone to scare people, or undermine the law, or trying to repeal the law without offering any plausible alternative is so hard to understand. I gotta admit, I don’t get it.]

LOL! When the Left and Zack Galifin…, Golifin… — “The Hangover” guy said Obama could act, I didn’t think he was that good. What? It’s NOT a joke??? You’ve got to be kidding! That doesn’t speak well of the President of the United States at all. He’s incapable of engaging what honest critics to this mess are actually saying. He just pretends they’re lunatics or monsters.

He, on the other hand, gives himself limitless credit for his good intentions, even though he lied extravagantly to the American people repeatedly, to trick you into submitting to Obamacare. If he’d told the truth about premiums skyrocketing, insurance policies getting canceled, patients losing access to their doctors or how much Obamacare would cost, this thing never would have passed, no matter how many Democrats were in Congress at the time. A single dose of honesty would have killed it, dead.

But hey, it’s all OK because the Democrats are saintly people who care about us little people so very much. They mean well, so it doesn’t matter what they have to do to get their legislation passed. It doesn’t matter how expensive it gets, or how badly it hurts millions of Americans.

[OBAMA: This law has made our health care system a lot better, a lot better.]

Really? What about the people who lost their jobs because of Obamacare, the people who saw their insurance premiums skyrocket, the people who spent endless hours wrestling with the broken website trying to get insured? I’m going to play by Obama’s rules for radicals for a moment. Mr. President, Democratic Party, why do you hate these people so much that you deliberately ruined their lives? You and your party work really hard to make people dependent on government, when they used to be able to take care of themselves. Why would you do that? Is it because you hate them, think they’re stupid or it’s just a power grab. What is it?

The Democrats keep saying they want Republican help in “fixing” ObamaCare. But then the president turns around and accuses them of being heartless monsters who get their kicks by taking away poor little old ladies’ insurance policies. That’s not honest and he knows it, but he doesn’t care. It’s good for politics. Well I for one am SICK of your games, Mr. President!

We all want our fellow citizens to be healthy, and by the way, we like clean water and air too. Let’s start there. Let’s talk about the logic and honesty of various proposals, and stop lying about what the other side is saying. Stop lying and start telling the truth, in Washington, D.C.? Naaah, It’ll never work! And that’s where our problems begin.

[OBAMA: 7.1 million Americans have now signed up for private insurance plans through these marketplaces.]

Really? Even if that is true true, didn’t the Democrats spend years claiming that 50 million people lacked insurance, and that’s why we needed Obamacare? Well, as of April Fool’s Day, it’s illegal not to have insurance. Where did the other 43 million uninsured people go?

I guess that’s just another mystery for the ages.

Are you as sick of the president’s lies as I am or am I just a big meanie? Comment here on WashingtonTimes.com and until our next briefing, this is The Rusty Humphries Rebellion.

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