- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 3, 2014

Former President Bill Clinton said during a recent broadcast interview with Jimmy Kimmel that if alien life forms came to planet Earth, he probably wouldn’t even blink an eye.

“I don’t know,” Mr. Clinton said, when questioned about aliens on Mr. Kimmel’s Wednesday night show. “But if we were visited someday, I wouldn’t be surprised. I just hope that it’s not like Independence Day,” the movie where aliens attack Earth.

Mr. Clinton also said, NBC reported: “We know now we live in an ever-expanding universe, we know there are billions of stars and planets out there, and the universe is getting bigger.”

The former president said he’d looked into the matter while in the White House — but didn’t find any evidence.

Still, he said, that “we know from our fancy telescopes that just in the last two years, more than 20 planets have been identified outside our solar system that seem to be far enough from their suns and dense enough that they might be able to support some form of life, so it makes it increasingly less like that we’re alone.”

Other former presidents have broached the topic publicly, too.

Jimmy Carter has said on previous occasions that he saw an unidentified flying object, while then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan once told a journalist he saw a UFO while he was traveling on an airplane.

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