- The Washington Times - Monday, August 18, 2014

Dozens of mothers staged a nurse-in at an Oregon restaurant in protest on Sunday after a manager asked one woman to cover up while she nursed her baby.

Erin Klein said a manager at the Ram Restaurant in Happy Valley asked her to cover up as she nursed her 11-month-old, because other customers had apparently complained, a local ABC affiliate reported.

Oregon law permits breast-feeding in public, including privately owned restaurants.

Dozens of mothers nursed their babies at the restaurant on Sunday in support of Ms. Klein.

“I mean, it’s not to shame the restaurant, it’s just to educate people on breast-feeding and nursing in public, because we don’t like when our babies throw covers off, either,” Sasha Ruscheinski told a local CBS affiliate.

“We just want to be able to go out when we don’t feel like cooking,” Ms. Klein said. “We want for other mothers to be able to do it as well and know they don’t have to be treated any differently than anybody else.”

The restaurant reportedly welcomed the nursing mothers.

“We are aware now of the federal state and local laws,” Marketing Manager Mark Schermerhorn said. “We looked at this as an opportunity to train our people and to update them as we move forward and will be better.”




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