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Moral courage is the ability to act rightly, in accordance with our values, in spite of popular opposition, threats of shame and scandal, or discouragement from expected backlash. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Be with a leader when he is right, stay with him when he is still right, but, leave him when he is wrong.”

For the most part, America has been silent on calling out Barack Obama, or even their own representatives, for gross ineptness and an unwillingness to follow the will of the American people.

In Washington, D.C., our so-called leaders have arrogantly decided it’s their way, and their way only, occasionally telling us their actions are in our best interests. They do their dog-and-pony show on C-Span, fighting each other and yelling their convictions, yet, when the cameras are turned off, they resume slapping each other on the back, writing bad checks and buying each other drinks. On our tab.

Whether or not both parties are working together in Washington, D.C., the establishment seems powerless to call out Mr. Obama because many of them fear the backlash that inevitably comes with criticizing the first black president. They dare not question him, impeach him or just be honest about his illegal executive orders or they will be thrown into the lion’s den to face imminent mauling from the liberal, main stream media.

These men and women who supposedly represent we the people lack the moral courage necessary to lead our great nation, and should be called out with haste and removed even more quickly. They continue to exhibit a spineless attitude toward the wrongs they, and everyone in the world, sees throughout the halls of Congress. Yet they stand together, unified in their arrogance when questioned by the few of us remaining who show undeterred defiance.

When it comes to the commander-in-chief, the absence of courage bleeds like a open wound. Most Americans know this country is not on the right track. They know Mr. Obama is playing with a stacked deck, comprised of pen and phone, that he unabashedly uses every time he’s challenged. The absence of courage from our representatives has emboldened Mr. Obama, along with his cronies, to feel immune from accountability. This is why they continue to treat the growing list of problems that plague our nation and, indeed, our world, with yet another fundraiser and yet another round of golf.

The three branches of government represent a checks and balance system, preventing actions that would make one branch more powerful than the others. Mr. Obama has been given the golden spoon of invincibility, made worse by the fact that he knows it.

As Edward Abbey once put it, “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.” Many of us know Mr. Obama is wrong for closing the borders to stop illegal immigration. As Americans, we know the game being played in D.C. between Congress and the White House. They are not allowing the American people a voice in the issue, even though it’s being yelled loud and clear across our country, especially in border cities.

In spite of this, D.C. continues to play games of chicken with our country’s security. If the courageous citizens of this country don’t rise up even stronger to finally show the suits they placed in Congress and in the White House that they are fed up, this country will cease to exist—at least as we’ve always known it.

Allowing Mr. Obama and our political representatives to continue to disregard our needs is a criminal act against the citizens of this nation.

As a black man who is a constitutional conservative and votes Republican because I believe in limited government and personal responsibility, I am totally against illegal immigration and amnesty for those entering this country without regard to existing immigration laws. I am not ashamed to make informed decisions and choices and express them in a public forum, because I use Martin Luther King Jr.’s Content of Character blueprint.

Martin Luther King, Jr. knew we as a people couldn’t move forward on race decisions by allowing the powers-that-be to control the people’s voice through continued threats of taking away our God-given rights.

Courage to stand up against this type of leadership is warranted. The American people have always seemed to show courage and strength; it’s been passed down in their DNA from their ancestors. Like many before me, and some around me today, I have seen people taken advantage of because they won’t show the courage to stand and fight, and that sickens me. The voice you have is the most powerful weapon in the world.

This country is exceptional because of its exceptional citizens. It’s not the so-called leaders who make this country great….even though they take responsibility for it. Your hard work, your tough decisions, your hard-earned contributions are what keep this country going. You have to show courage now, to vote out a political body of individuals you voted in, in order to make your lives better.

Mr. Obama and his gang aren’t listening because you haven’t shown enough courage to fight back and express your dissatisfaction with their choices and overreach.

Let’s do this together. I am not one to give up. It’s not in my blood and I am sure it’s not in yours. The great nation of America is too special, too beloved, and too important for us to let her down.

Wayne Dupree is the Founder and CEO of www.NewsNinja2012.com.



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