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Let’s admit it: It’s late, you are watching television, and those infomercials make that product sound great. I will admit it. I am an As Seen On TV “impulse” shopper.

Now, I am not one to pick up the phone and call in the next 26 minutes to receive a “special” gift for ordering, but I will and do frequent the store in the mall, or that aisle in the store where I can find all of my As Seen On TV wares.

So when I saw something that I thought I could use, like a low-cost, mobile phone holder for my dashboard, I had to try it. I picked up a GripGo and set out for a 15-hour road trip. I figured, where better to try this out than on a trip that’s going to be filled with streaming music from my phone and a running dialogue from the internal voice of the phone’s navigation app?

I was surprised by the lightweight construction and the amazing, extreme stickiness of the mounts adhesive phone holder. Once I figured out the ideal way to mount to the windshield, it was time to slap my phone onto the mount.

Well, true to the product description, it was “like a million suction cups that instantly grip and release over and over again.” On the 15-hour trip, and the subsequent few weeks of daily use on my commute, the product is as advertised and I would recommend this product for anyone who wants a quick, portable, easy to use windshield/dash mount for their mobile device.

My only issue so far is that when charging my device (which charges from the bottom), it has a tendency to slide off occasionally when going over bumps, but I have not seen that issue when it is not plugged into a charging cable.

I have not yet needed to rinse the adhesive as prescribed in the product description, but when I do you will get an update. See some of the pros and cons below and for more information regarding the GripGo please click the link.

Pros: Easy to use, light weight, durable, and device size agnostic.

Cons: Device can slide off if charging, can get dirty easy.

Overall for price and pro to con ratio — 8 out of 10

Thanks for checking out the review, I hope it helps!

— Gadget Geek



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