- The Washington Times - Monday, August 4, 2014

Malia Obama was spotted Sunday at Chicago’s Lollapalooza during Chance the Rapper’s concert, with three friends and two plainclothes agents in tow.

Concert-goers tweeted feverishly at seeing the 16-year-old, who was spotted walking south on Columbus Avenue just at Harrison at the close of Lollapalooza Sunday night, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

“I got (accidentally) kicked by Malia Obama today at Lollapalooza. No lie. Malia. Obama. It was awesome,” tweeted Bridget Truskey.

Malia was reportedly wearing a yellow v-neck romper, which was a big hit among the crowd.

“SPOTTED MALIA OBAMA AT @lollapalooza!!!!! Sunflower dress game strong,” tweeted Sara Rahmankhah.

“Still can’t believe I met, and danced, with Malia Obama today at Lollapalooza. Tried taking a picture with her, but was only able to take a picture with her from the neck down. But still - her sunflower outfit was probably the best I saw all weekend. Mad props, girl,” wrote Kelsey Peterson, Buzzfeed reported.



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