- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A New Jersey police officer has been caught on camera telling a resident he couldn’t film inside a public building because President Obama has “decimated” the Constitution and the police force doesn’t have to follow it anymore.

Helmetta Special Police Officer Richard Recine has resigned from the police department after the video leaked and went viral Wednesday. Police Director Robert Manney, who is also seen in the video and had the resident escorted from the building, said Officer Recine “is no longer on the police force,” The Courier News reported.

In the video taken Monday, resident Steve Wronko is trying to explain to Officer Recine that he has a constitutional right to record inside the Helmetta municipal building.

“I don’t really care about all that, because Obama has decimated the friggin’ Constitution,” Officer Recine responds. “So I don’t give a damn, because if he doesn’t follow the Constitution we don’t have to.”

A shocked Mr. Wronko turns to the camerawoman to make sure she got the quote on camera.

“Yeah did you get that? Our president has decimated the Constitution,” the officer repeats.

Mr. Manney, who appears later in the video and has Mr. Wronko escorted from the building, called Officer Recine’s words “uncalled for and unprofessional.”

“I’ve already spoken to that officer in regards to that. In my opinion it’s an embarrassment,” he said Wednesday, The Courier News reported.

Mr. Manney said police have the right to ask citizens to identify themselves in a public building.

“He was in our building and he got some of our employees upset,” he said about Mr. Wronko. “They were worried because they’ve seen him before lurking around. In my opinion he was looking for an issue.”



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