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This is what the United States Congress will be if the Democrats keep up their current modus operandi. Democrats cannot, or will not, see the forest for the trees as they relentlessly pursue their agenda for fundamental change. Democrats, especially the Senate Democrats under Majority Leader Harry Reid, are governing by omission, consequentially leaving their job to the executive authority of the president. With these lazy, selfish antics they are sacrificing their vital check and balance prerogative and setting a dangerous precedent—a precedent that ironically leaves them, and their constituents, impotent and irrelevant.

Immigration is a perfect example. The Senate Democrats adjourned and started their summer recess without resolving the humanitarian crisis at our nation’s borders. They closed their doors and headed home like pouty children in the school yard. Why? Because they have no intention of negotiating on an immigration bill. They know that President Obama will simply implement their desires with an executive order. So: why negotiate? It works better for them, with the upcoming mid-term elections, to simply place blame on the Republicans. They puff themselves up by pointing angry, biased, petulant fingers at the GOP; that’s summarily followed by Mr. Obama heralding himself as the only one who is willing to help the American people. Mr. Obama trots across the country demeaning them as a “do nothing Congress.”

Make no mistake, this is exactly the type of Congress Mr. Obama and Democrats really want: obsolete. This in turn gives the executive and the executive branch more centralized power. It is all part of a bigger plan and we the people are merely the pawns.

Herein lies the dangerous paradigm. An uneducated populace about how a Republic works, who buys the President’s “father knows best” platitudes, leads to a shift in power–and this power is one that benefits and empowers not the people, not the Republic, but the President and the Democrats who crave concentrated executive power. With this power, they can enact their leftist vision for the United States unchecked. Subtly, slyly, a king is created and we the people, and the states, are the subjects in his kingdom. Suddenly, there is no protection for the people because there is no representative Congress.

Immigration is the most pertinent example of the tricks in the Democrats’ playbook. By calling in the schoolyard bully and hiding in the bushes, the Senate Democrats are re-writing rules that, ironically, may lead to their demise. The Senate Democrats are not holding themselves accountable. They are not owning and protecting their power, which in turn protects the people. By not being responsible representatives to their constituents, the Senate Democrats are not doing their job. They are letting Obama do their job for them. They are letting him rule by executive order—making the people obsolete by locking us out of the process of governing. Maybe this is fine if the people agree with the newly crowned President’s agenda or executive orders, but what if they do not agree? There is no recourse against an overbearing executive if there is no ability for the people, through their representatives in Congress, to check his power.

Senate Democrats have rushed home to campaign as if their job means anything. It means nothing because they have forfeited their power. Their power is now in the President’s hands. They will campaign blaming the Republicans for not negotiating when they know that they fully intended to let Mr. Obama to do their job for them. A bill by Congress can be negotiated and checked, read, and appraised by the people—an executive order cannot.

The Senate Democrats are living a lie. They campaign with the mantra of “vote for me to look after you!” Yet they are not looking after their constituents, they are granting that responsibility to the unchecked whims of President Obama. Their job and their constituents’ votes are obsolete.

With these kinds of continuous destructive antics, the people’s power will soon be obliterated. And when history tells the tale, it will be painfully obvious that this demise was accomplished by party politics, by representatives who cared more about their party than the people, more about their ego than their country, more about their progressive fundamental desires for change than the Constitution. And that blind ignorance will have led to a Republic that is now—obsolete.

Janine Turner is an actress, radio talk show host, and author of the new book, A Little Bit Vulnerable: on Hollywood, God, Politics and Sobriety

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