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Dead body in the trunk of your car? It’s OK, if you are Muslim.

What would happen to most people if they were pulled over by the police for a traffic offense and in the course of the traffic stop, they announced there was a dead body in the trunk of the car?

At the very least, the police officer would order the driver to open the trunk so the officer could inspect the body. It could be a lot worse than that.

Unless you are in Tennessee and you are Muslim.

This happened in Millersville, Tennessee, on Dec. 9. Millersville is a small town just north of Nashville. On Wednesday, a Millersville police officer stopped a vehicle on Interstate 65. The driver presented the officer a Saudi Arabian driver’s license. Shockingly enough, a Saudi driver’s license is valid in Tennessee.

Then the driver told the officer his child was dead in the trunk, and he wanted to go bury the child in accordance with his Muslim religion.

What happened next is absolutely shocking.

The officer asked to see the child and the driver refused because it was “against his religion.” The police officer then let the driver go and reported the event to his superiors.

Can anyone imagine the scenario if the driver of the car had presented a Tennessee driver’s license, announced there was a dead child in the trunk and told the officer he could not look in the trunk because it violated his beliefs as a Baptist?

The car disappeared. Police are looking for it and the driver.

Something is wrong in America when one religion is treated with such political correctness that it is exempt from the rules and expectations of normal society. The radical Islamist lobby has cowed the police and the government to the point where no one dares to stand up to them.

Briefly examining the body of a child for signs of foul play is not a violation of someone’s religious beliefs. The state has an obligation and the right to investigate the cause of death of a child or for that matter an adult. (Note: I was a prosecutor for 10 years in Tennessee and part of my duties at one point included being on a child abuse prosecution/investigation team.)

In a press conference held on Thursday, Millersville Police Chief David Hindman described the officer as a “very good” officer but he would have done things differently.

A “very good” officer would not have simply cowered on the highway when confronted like that. A “very good” officer would have demanded to see the body. A “very good” officer would have done his job.

The real problem here is the politically correct way Islam is treated in the United States. Islam teaches its adherents that they are superior to the “infidels” or the “kafir.” It teaches that Islamic law trumps any other law and many Muslim leaders tell their followers that they should only follow Islamic or sharia law.

When the officer was told there was a dead body in the car, at that point he had the legal right to search that car. A brief examination of the body was not an affront to the Muslim religion.

There is a moral to this story. If you are a criminal, the next time you are stopped by the police with a dead body in the trunk of your car, just announce you are a Muslim and on the way to bury the body. The cops just might let you go.

It worked in Millersville.

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