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So this is what foreign policy by Beyonce looks like.

It’s been two years since the sultry and suave music power couple of Beyonce and Jay-Z were publicly humiliated across the globe after they realized it’s not “cool” to visit countries like Cuba run by totalitarian regimes that sponsor terrorism, steal private property, jail people for no reason and freely make critics disappear without a trace.

No, it’s not “cool” to travel to places like Cuba, financially support the regime’s tourism industry and pose in a massive ad campaign broadcast to the ends of the earth showing the world’s most beautiful couple enjoying all the tiny streets and bright colors and spicy foods of Cuba, as presented to you by one of the world’s nastiest and most brutal totalitarian governments.

So Bey Bey and Jay-Z complained to their buddy, President Obama, who shares their embarrassment over America and this rigid unwillingness to be totally cool with Cuba. Totally cool with communist totalitarianism.

C’mon, dude! Lighten up! That communism stuff is so old, man.

It reminded Mr. Obama of his Choom Gang days back in Hawaii shooting hoops, being lazy and smoking reefer all day. I mean, Cuba is an island, too, man. Uh, isn’t it?

So, now that Mr. Obama literally has nothing more to lose, he flushes down the toilet five decades of rare principled diplomacy where America stood with the unjustly jailed, the tortured and families of the dead against an evil authoritarian tyrannical regime.

And what is it about this guy and releasing terrorists? Is it their methods or their ideology that makes him want to free all these beasts?

And the infatuation with communism?

The callow ignorance and communism illiteracy in this country today is staggering, especially among young people. But when did “liberal” come to mean “stupid?” When did liberals quit learning history? Have they really forgotten the millions upon millions of victims around the world who have been brutalized under these totalitarian regimes?

Truly, President Obama is on the march — against America. The people have turned on him. So he has turned on us. Full tilt. He has nothing to lose. And he aims to punish us all for his loss of popularity and the evaporation of his credibility.

That is why he now puts the interests of illegal foreigners ahead of legal Americans. He puts the interests of terrorists ahead of law abiding, freedom-loving citizens. The interests of communists ahead of free market entrepreneurs.

And so he sits down for an interview with People Magazine to complain that America is still so racist that he once walked out of a restaurant only to be mistaken for a valet.

Well, you know, if you don’t want to be mistaken for a valet, stop acting like a valet. Especially a valet working for terrorists, communists and really terrible songstresses who can only sing the National Anthem if they lip-synch it.

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