- The Washington Times - Monday, December 22, 2014

Pope Francis issued some harsh criticisms Monday of Vatican higher-ups, saying some in the church bureaucracy lust for power way more than they seek God.

The pope accused the cardinals, bishops and priests who oversee the Holy See of having “spiritual Alzheimer’s,” saying they’ve forgotten their true calling to be joyful men of God, The Associated Press reported.

The pope ran down a list of 15 sins of the Curia that he hoped would be fixed in 2015, AP reported. The Curia is the central administration body of the Holy See, which oversees the Catholic Church.

Among the stated sins: The “terrorism of gossip,” which he said could “kill the reputation of our colleagues and brothers in cold blood,” and the dangers of cliques that can “enslave their members and become a cancer that threatens the harmony of the body,” AP reported.

“The Curia is called on to always improve itself and grow in communion, holiness and knowledge to fulfill its mission,” the pope said. “But even it, as any human body, can suffer from ailments, dysfunctions, illnesses.”

The cardinals responded with quiet applause, AP reported.



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