- The Washington Times - Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A professor at South Texas College in Weslaco was captured on video explaining to his students some of the perceived similarities between modern day tea party members and 1930’s-era Nazis in Germany — and then imploring them to not tell anyone outside the classroom of his comparison.

He said to the students not to “tell anybody” about his comments, apparently not realizing that one of his students had started filming right after he called Sen. Ted Cruz an [expletive for fatherless child] for using his last name to help win his election, The Blaze reported.

The student who filmed the professor said his name was Blake Armstrong.

He said on video: “In 1931, which was really interesting, the Nazis — people were kind of tired of them. They’ve been around since 1920, 11 years now. They’ve won seats — they’re like the tea party! That’s such a good example. Don’t tell anybody I said that though.”

The professor then drew comparisons between how both parties rose to power — and how they were both later regarded as radical.

“But in the sense of how they politically came to power, there’s a good analogy there,” he said, The Blaze reported. “That eventually, people realized, ‘Oh these Nazis are a bunch of nuts [and] these tea party people are a bunch of nuts.’ I mean, the analogy really is a good analogy.”

The student, who requested anonymity, told The Blaze that he recorded his professor and uploaded the video to YouTube because “it’s wrong for thin to use his position as a soap box for his beliefs, especially with young, impressionable students. This semester, [the professor] insulted Republicans about three times before this video was recorded.”


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